About Copus Capital

Copus Capital is based in the UK, London & Taiwan. Founded by Pieter Borremans, who aims for a more balanced and smarter financial think tank that would serve as a nucleus of our micro-economy. Even when traditional investment structures are at the core, Copus Capital shifts its gears profiling themselves as a springboard for local economies.

Investment firms seek for innovation, and yet they never change their own process. It is time to change the financial landscape.




Copus Capital aims to add value. The process behind a decision is a pivot point in many circumstances. We have built our first relationships with accredited and non-accredited investors through private placement. Where we help our clients to make a smarter decision before committing capital in promising ventures.

By proving such matter, it became clear clients were willing to take different steps, allowing us to manage their capital through our investment vehicles and Copus Angel Fund. We strongly believe that long-lasting relationships no matter how they start provide so much more upside. Investing with us, or for you is a journey.