Red Bird Fund

Our Red Bird Fund is tailored for non-accredited and retail investors. Designed to profit from the market’s daily volatility on day trades, swing trades for short term aggressive gains. The fund mitigates its risk with our long-only equity fund. Retail capital is divided between both funds.

Invested capital in both funds is assigned by our wealth management team. The Red Bird Fund is privately managed and open to all retail investors.

Key Points
  • 410K£ AUM June 2020
  • Day & Swing Trade
  • Seasonal Buys
  • Long Only Equities Tracked On Sharesight
  • Private Fund
  • Min. 5000£ Max 100K£
  • Lock-up Period 30 Days
  • 1/15 Management Fees
  • US & UK Mid Cap Equities 10 Billion Max.
  • Commodities – Crude, Soy Beans, NatGas, Coffee
  • Futures & Bonds
  • Major Currency Pairs
  • CBOE VIX Index
  • S&P500 Long Only
  • DAX30 Long & Short
  • Manual Execution
  • Event-Driven
  • Confirmation with technical analysis
  • Allocation: UK
  • Privately Managed, open to all retail